Danil Mustafin: Everything is done for EGE’s transparency

26 May 2014, Monday
Today, the main wave of Unified State Examination (EGE) started in Kazan.
According to First Deputy Tatarstan Education and Science Minister Danil Mustafin, the secrecy of the exam tasks is observed.
“There should be no deviations like in previous years. The special communications employees provide the secrecy. Last night, all exam tasks were forwarded to the places of exam taking, there should be no information leakages,” he assured.
Danil Mustafin also shared that the early examination tested the system of printing monitoring documentation right at the place of the examination. “Taking its small scale into account, it went successfully, we did not register any irregularities,” the deputy minister said.
According to the official, many federal public monitors will be controlling the EGE. “Around 150 parents’ representatives received the monitor training. Everything is done for the exam’s transparency,” he pointed out. The federal public monitors cannot go into the examination rooms, but can observe order in the schools’ corridors. This year, the exams are taped to help with possible future disputes.
According to Tatarstan Education and Science Ministry, EGE’s main wave will be taken at 101 venues. There are 20,415 graduates and 36,019 nine-graders who will take an exam across the republic.
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