This year the online Tatar Language School "ANA TELE" will celebrate its 5-year anniversary

20 March 2017, Monday

This year the online Tatar Language School "ANA TELE" will celebrate its 5-year anniversary.

The Tatar teaching project “Ana Tele” was initiated by the President of Tatarstan in collaboration with EF Education First. During the past 5 years about 50 000 learners from Russia and all over the world had a perfect opportunity to study the Tatar language.

This educational program is for everyone interested in studying the Tatar language. Studying is possible at any time and from any location where internet access is available. The program provides a unique opportunity for practical acquisition of the Tatar language as a means of verbal communication and familiarization with the culture of the Tatar people.

Online School "ANA TELE" consists of 9 levels. Each level includes 8 sections. Each section contains 4 lessons (listening, speaking, reading, writing). Each lesson is divided into several stages: watching a video file and performing tasks based on its content; listening to audio materials and performing tasks on Tatar phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar; performing tasks aimed at matching an image with a recording; performing tasks aimed at matching a text with an image; reading a text and choosing one or several correct answers; filling gaps in a text; making words from given letters; constructing sentences using given words; performing tasks on speaking and writing, etc. Each lesson ends with a final task. After fulfilling each level, the user passes the level test and is entitled to receive a certificate corresponding to that level.

Online school "ANA TELE" also includes special sections on pronunciation and writing; grammar laboratory; online dictionary; materials for speaking lessons on each section of all levels; 9 level tests.

Each user has access to the classroom where, according to the chosen schedule, they can participate in speaking lessons of all levels conducted by a teacher of the Tatar language. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, and it can simultaneously engage six users. After the lesson, the teacher evaluates the answers given and writes specific feedback to each student directly.

The Online Tatar Language School "ANA TELE" is free for everybody interested in the Tatar language. All you need to start learning the Tatar language is to enter the site "ANA TELE" and register.


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