Rustam Minnikhanov: “Russia’s team needs to win at WorldSkills in Kazan”

4 March 2016, Friday

In the Five Evenings with Rustam Minnikhanov TV show on TNV channel, the Tatarstan President noted the Russian national team was expected to win at the upcoming WorldSkills International working occupations championship Kazan would host in 2019.

Kazan had been selected as the host city for the championship, he went on to recall. Russia was officially accepted to the international movement on 17 May 2012 during a regular WSI general assembly meeting in South Korea in a unanimous vote “for” by all the member states. In July 2013, Russia for the first time took part in the competition in Leipzig, sharing the last, 41st , position with Chile, Estonia, Iceland, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

“WorldSkills in Kazan is not just ambitions to host something. We want to gain competences. To not only host the championship well in 2019, but to perform well as well. The Russian national team needs to win,” Rustam Minnikhanov stressed.

“Our system of vocational schools got frozen and required reform. We then made the decision to set up 25 resource centres in the republic on the specialities Tatarstan needs the most. We have set up some 19. Each of them is expected to operate within a specific branch or manufacturing plant,” the governor said.

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