Some 10,000 students in Tatarstan take part in WorldSkills local championship selection

5 April 2016, Tuesday

Some 10,000 people have taken part in the selection for the WorldSkills local championship called Young Professionals. The open regional championship due on 7-9 April will feature 454 competitors, including 100 from other Russian regions. Tatarstan deputy education minister Timirkhan Alishev said it at a briefing at the House of Tatarstan Government.

Although the championship was local, said the speaker, the construction for it and number of competitors would he commensurate with the national events Kazan had hosted in recent years. The competition includes 56 occupations. “Their mastery will be assessed by 380 experts, including 73 from 17 Russian regions,” he explained.

The selection for the championship included two stages, Timirkhan Alishev went on to say. One was held inside colleges, with 283 championships having taken place since October. The other is a network stage, held on the grounds of specialised competence centres to select Tatarstan’s best specialists in various occupations. Twenty four championships have been held in Tatarstan. “Some 10 thousand students have tested their skills in the WorldSkills competition, with the best seen in republic-wide stage,” he stressed.

The list of occupations includes ones related to construction, industry, IT, services, public transportation maintenance, art and design. “During the championship, juniors, or school pupils aged 10 to 17, will compete along with the main contestants,” he added.

To ensure independent assessment, 25 national WorldSkills occupation experts and 6 national JuniorSkills experts have been invited.

The winners will go to the district stage due in Saransk on 13 to 16 April in 26 competences. Tatarstan will be represented in all 26 competences. The championship’s final will take place in the Moscow Region on 23 to 27 May in 76 competences.

“Tatarstan plans to take part in 52 competences,” the official concluded.

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